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A2 Fire Rated Honeycomb Core ACM

A2 Fire Rated Honeycomb Core ACM

Rivet Fix – 8.5mm Sliding Point – No Fixed Point
  • Rivet for aluminium 5/5.0 x 18 x 14mm

    Product code: SSAL5/5.0 x 18 x 14

    5.0 x 18 x 14mm head rivet
    Grip range of 8.0 – 14mm
    AIMg5 Aluminium body – Stainless Mandrel

    Supplied in boxes of 100.

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  • Centralising Tool CT8051

    Product code: CT8051

    Centralising Tool – Used on pre-drilled panel to ensure a concentric hole is drilled in the aluminium behind the panel.

    The panel must already be pre-drilled prior to using a centralising tool, it creates a perfectly aligned and centred hole.

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  • Replacement Drill Bit for Centralising Tool 5.1mm

    Product code: CT-HDRLG-5.1

    Replacement Drill Bit for Centralising Tool 5.1mm.


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  • Rivet Spacer Nose Piece for Aluminium K14

    Product code: RT/ACB/NP/AL/K14

    Rivet spacer nosepiece – used to set the rivet off the panel face by 0.3mm

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  • HSS Step Drill 5.1mm x 8.5mm

    Product code: STEP-051085

    HSS step drill

    Used for drilling aluminium sub frames and panels simultaneously.

    Diameter – 5.1mm x 8.5mm.


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