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Rockpanel is a sustainable board material which is mostly used in ventilated constructions; facade cladding, roof detailing, soffits and fascias. Rockpanel is manufactured from the sustainable resource, basalt rock. Therefore, Rockpanel products combine all the benefits of stone and wood in one. Rockpanel is a flexible and robust board which can be applied easily in any shape or form.
These are the recommended fixings for the installation of Rockpanel Durable, Xtreme & FX Xtra.

Timber Nail Fix 6 & 8mm Panels – 3.8mm Sliding Point – 2.5mm Fixed Point (6 & 8mm Panels - Durable - 8mm Panels - Xtreme - 9mm Panels - FS Xtra (Not to timber))
  • Annular Ring Shank Nail 2.65 x 40 SS

    Product code: ANR 2.65 x 40 SS

    A2 Stainless Steel annular ring shank nail for fixing to timber substructure.

    2.65 x 40mm

    Supplied in boxes of 100.

    Quantity : 100 x Add to quote
Timber Screw Fix 6 & 8mm Panels – 6.0mm Sliding Point – 2.5mm Fixed Point
  • Stainless Steel Low Profile Screw 4.5 x 35

    Product code: SWSH 4.5 x 35

    A4 Stainless Steel low profile screw with a 9.6mm head and a woodscrew thread.
    To face fix panels to timber.

    4.5 x 35 mm

    Supplied in boxes of 100.

    Quantity : 100 x Add to quote
Aluminium Sub Frame Rivet Fix. FX Xtra, Durable & Xtreme – 8.0mm Sliding Point – 5.1mm Fixed Point
  • Rivet for aluminium 5/5.0 x 18 x 14mm

    Product code: SSAL5/5.0 x 18 x 14

    5.0 x 18 x 14mm head rivet
    Grip range of 8.0 – 14mm
    AIMg5 Aluminium body – Stainless Mandrel

    Supplied in boxes of 100.

    Quantity : 100 x Add to quote
  • Centralising Tool CT7551

    Product code: CT7551

    Centralising Tool. Used on pre-drilled panels to ensure a concentric hole is drilled in the aluminium behind the panel.

    The panel must already be pre-drilled prior to using a centralising tool, it creates a perfectly aligned and centred hole.

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  • Replacement Drill Bit for Centralising Tool 5.1mm

    Product code: CT-HDRLG-5.1

    Replacement Drill Bit for Centralising Tool 5.1mm.


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  • Rivet Spacer Nosepiece RT/ACB/NP/RP/K14

    Product code: RT/ACB/NP/RP/K14

    Rivet Spacer Nosepiece. Used to set the rivet off the panel face by 0.3mm

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  • HSS Step Drill 5.1mm x 8.0mm

    Product code: STEP-051080

    HSS step drill

    Used for drilling aluminium sub frames and panels simultaneously.

    Diameter – 5.1mm x 8.0mm.


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