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Façade Anchors

At Mainline Products, we understand the importance of selecting the correct façade anchor for your application. As an impartial supplier of façade anchors, we are unique in our ability to provide the most cost-effective anchor solutions from leading manufacturers such as Fischer, Rawl, Fruilsider & Toge.

To help ensure your selected anchor will perform and is compliant with system designers requirements, we can offer a comprehensive range of ETA certificated through bolts, sleeve anchors, screwbolts and resin products. In conjunction with our on and off-site technical support services, we will ensure peace of mind to designers, contractors and installers.

Though our parent company VJ Technology, Mainline Products have access to 27 CFA approved site technicians who can provide pull out tests, proof testing and tool box talks along with guidance and advice on BS8539 – The Code of Practice for the selection and installation of post-installed anchors in concrete and masonry. For more information on BS8539, please visit our Technical page.