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Type 5 Stainless Chemical Anchor Stud


Hand Air Pump

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MSH metal sieve cut to length anchor sleeve for use in hollow masonry The MSH injection anchor sleeve, is available in 1 m lengths. This cost effective component is for use with injection resin mortar anchors in hollow/perforated masonry material without ETA approval. The product is sold in 1 metre lengths and can be cut [...]

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Manual Resin Applicator Gun 410ml – E410/V420

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Tapcon – Hex Head self tapping screw for fastening into concrete, bricks & blocks Features and Benefits Fast installation: Drill, Drive, Done Available in 5mm & 6mm and in lengths from 32-125mm, to cover a wide number of applications Replaces small diameter expansion anchors, plugs and screws in light to medium duty applications No need [...]


V420+® v3 is an ultimate performance hybrid injection mortar with approvals for anchoring and rebar connections. This product is used in conjunction with a hand, battery or pneumatic tool and static mixer nozzle. V420+® v3 consists of 2 components, resin and hardener, which are stored in separate compartments. These are mixed when extruded through the [...]

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